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DC Future Access Token

The DC is datachain Foundation ecosystem's intrinsic utility token. It is designed to secure the access to the tokenized tangible assets sold on Tanastok.  Tanastok Exchange is a pioneering non-custodial platform that harnesses the innovative Datawallet+ as a decentralized database. This platform is specifically designed for the trading and securitization of tokenized tangible assets, offering a unique marketplace for investors and collectors alike. Tanastok facilitates the exchange of tangible tokenized assets for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency, making it a versatile and accessible platform for a wide range of users. The DC Future Access Token is available on both ERC20 and XRC20 protocols.

Invest in the growth of a rising digital champion, support the development of its ecosystem and the adoption of a financial instrument enabling the Decentralised Control of the economy. Trade or allocate DC Future Access Tokens to projects with high return on investment potenital.

• Receive 125 000 Future Access Tokens