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POLYAGRI GROUP SAS is a company based in Paris, specialising in the manufacture of a revolutionary granulate with HYDRO RETENTIVE, FERTILISING and CURATIVE properties. The company efforts focused on the development of agronomic and eco-friendly innovations.

Polyagri Group SAS
Head office: 10 rue Saint-Marc, 75002 Paris
With a capital of 2,700,500.00 euros 
878 640 572 R.C.S. Paris
Date of creation: 31.10.2019
Activity: Production and commercialisation of HYDRO-RETENTIVE-FERTILISERS for agriculture and environment protection.
Patent: (Jean Claude Garrigue) P9300569.
Patent: (Garrigue, Luchoro, Plumet) P201731258, presented by Canela Patentes y Marcas, published on 18 September 2019.

The company is composed of four founding partners: Jean Claude Garrigue, inventor of HYDROSOL and President of the company; Pascual Luchoro, co-inventor of the product and Chief Executive Officer of the company; Angélica Plumet, administrative and marketing manager, Cedric Locquet Partnership and business development manager.

Jean Claude Garrigue and Pascual Luchoro, have devoted nearly 30 years to the development of a carbon-neutral product capable of reversing the harmful effects of intensive agriculture and industrialisation.

From 1990 to 2017, the two inventors devoted all their energies and resources to the Research and Development of a revolutionary compound, and the conduct of tests with different polymers, fertilisers, adjuvants and correctors; the running of hundreds of tests to calibrate the manufacturing process; and the evaluation of their solutions in the field in numerous countries in order to develop an optimal incorporation method.
Polyagri is the result of these decades of sacrifice and effort, a revolutionary biotechnology reconciling the need to increase the yield of farmland to feed more people and the protection of the environment.

Key figures
Pre-money valuation: €16,000,000
Ask: €3,500,000
Equity for sale: 25% (5% accessible through DC Token)
Exit: 12 Months
ROI: Inital investment X 3

Exit: 24 Months
ROI: Inital investment X 5

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